O-Week: Day 1

As many of you have seen, the official schedule for Ignite 2013 has finally been released (you may now take a moment to celebrate).

Since the release on Friday, we have been getting tons of questions from you, like “Is there a difference between O-Week and O’Fest?” and “What the hell is Sex in the Quad all about?” So we decided to give you an inside look at ALL the events that take place during the week. From now until Orientation Week, we will be posting detailed rundowns of each day right here on RU Student Life, so keep an eye out for them! Today, we’ll start with Monday, August 26th.

Monday (Funday)

Registration and Breakfast
A few weeks before Orientation, we will be opening pre-registration online (so look out for this too!). If you don’t get a chance to register online, don’t worry! We will have registration booths on campus every day, right outside of the Quad (on the north side of Gould Street at Bond Street).

Registration on campus will take place from 9-11:30a.m. Events don’t start until 11:30a.m. so come down anytime before then. However, if you want to come down early to get a feel for the school without the crowds, our leaders will be ecstatic to hang out with you and help out any way they can. Monday morning would also be the perfect time to pickup your OneCard (which you should really be signing up for here). The Ryerson Students’ Union is holding a FREE hot breakfast for all students outside the Student Centre (which will be across the street from our registration booths).

Launch and Invocation
At 11:30a.m., we’ll all gather in the Quad to officially launch Ignite 2013! The O-Team will quickly go through what you can expect during the week and get you PUMPED FOR IT. There will then be a couple of short speeches from some of Ryerson’s most important staff members welcoming you to the University.

The next part of the day is Invocation. At Ryerson, your graduation is actually called Convocation. During Convocation, you’ll parade around the Quad with your fellow graduates, signaling the end of your time here, so we’re going to start you off the same way. But this ain’t no slow parade for your grandma, this is going to be 1000 excited first years and leaders chanting and cheering as we strut our stuff.

Oh you hungry? We got you covered with some Subway sandwiches (with options for most types of diets). Eat fresh.

Amazing Race
On Monday morning, you will be divided into different teams. Throughout the week, the O-Team will be giving out points to teams for winning challenges, being the loudest, having the most members and showing Ryerson spirit creatively. At the Thursday night Gala, we’re going to be giving out a trophy for the team with the most points. This is the first time Ryerson is ever doing this, so you’re name could become a part of this university’s history!

Come 2p.m. it’s time for our first team competition: the Amazing Race. Your team will go through 15 secret stations around campus and Toronto where you will have to complete ridiculous challenges before getting a clue to where your next station is. Complete all 15 first and you will be crowned Race champions and bless your team with an unhealthy amount of points!

Karaoke Night
After the Amazing Race, we’ll all be heading over to the local campus pub – the Ram in the Rye – for one kickass karaoke party. Whether you sing like an angel or shatter glass when you open your mouth, this is an event that can’t be missed. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day with your team and check out Ryerson’s pub that comes complete with great food, cheap drinks, lots of TV’s and a couple of pool tables. Don’t be afraid to try your hand at singing, fan favourites can get points for their teams!

And that’s it for Monday! We’ll be posting Tuesday’s rundown next week, so check back then! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates!