NOW HIRING: Research Assistant for #ConsentComesFirst

The Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education oversees university-wide activity related to awareness, education, training, support and response to sexual violence in the Ryerson community. The OSVSE is looking for a Work Study approved student to assist the Coordinator by researching current policies and awareness initiatives surrounding supports for survivors of sexual violence and building safe, consent-oriented spaces and communities.

The successful candidate must be Work Study approved.

Job Purpose/Introduction:

The successful candidate will assist the Coordinator in theĀ Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education with research into the causes and effects of sexual violence, preventative and safety measures, and education strategies for eliminating incidences of sexual violence on and off campus. The incumbent must be highly creative, self-motivated, and capable of functioning independently as well as in a team. It is necessary for the incoming ResearcherĀ to possess strong organizational, research, and communication skills, a solid understanding of Ryerson University, and they must also understand the impact of sexual violence within and outside of the Ryerson community. The candidate must be willing to commit their efforts to the support of survivors of sexual violence at Ryerson University and the prevention of sexual violence on and off campus from a survivor-focused, anti-oppressive framework.


The successful candidate will work closely with the Coordinator of Ryersonā€™s Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education, assisting the Coordinator in preparing for workshops, presentations, and communications by looking at other universities’ policies and actions surrounding sexual violence, community and arts-based methods of sexual violence prevention, and relevant training and educationĀ initiatives.

Duties Include:

  • Use library and online resources including blogs, arts-based initiatives, activism, policies, and news reports to research examples of supports for survivors of sexual violence, education/awareness methods, policies at other North American universities, and successful interventions, workshops, and preventions;Ā 
  • Researching resources relevant to the ConsentComesFirst brand goals and sharing them via social media and design assets.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Skills Required:


  • Research;
  • Problem solving and thinking;
  • Written and oral communication;

Personal Management Skills:

  • Being responsible and accountable;
  • Positive attitude and behaviours;
  • Task initiative;
  • Time management;
  • Demonstrated experience and interest in prevention and education surrounding sexual violence on and off campus;
  • Knowledge of intersectionality, the scope of sexual violence in Canada and its effects;
  • Work effectively in a team and independently;
  • Good communication, presentation and facilitation skills;
  • Dedication and ability to work flexible hours as requested;

Technical or Software Knowledge Required:

  • Navigation of online sources, websites, libraries, and news platforms;
  • Knowledge of social media best practices and strategies including Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat are an asset;

Application Deadline: Thursday, January 28, 2016

Applicants can apply by emailing a resume and cover letter to Farrah Khan, Coordinator, OSVSE at