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NOW HIRING: Multimedia Storyteller (Video)

Enjoy our weekly videos on Youtube and Facebook? Join in. We’re looking for a video-maker to join the creative team behind our videos and multimedia from beginning to end.

** this is a Career Boost funded position and you must be Career Boost approved to apply **

The RU Student Life team tells the ongoing story of our vibrant campus community one post, picture, video, tweet and post at a time. The focus of the team’s work is to raise the profile and awareness of notable students, events and activities, so that all students have an opportunity to become more connected and engaged. The Multimedia Storyteller (Video) role involves creating regular video multimedia content that inspires and interacts with Ryerson students, connects to current trends or events, tackles critical subjects, and coordinates with the ongoing goals and campaigns of RU Student Life at any given time. Visual storytelling captures a variety of senses and therefore invites a variety of formats and responses, and the Multimedia Storyteller works to create dynamic, original, and entertaining video content that connects with our community.

Job Overview:

Major Responsibilities

  • Regular creation of original video content to be posted to Youtube and/or elsewhere.
  • Practice a variety of formats for visual storytelling (ex. streeters, interviews, events, documentary, etc.).
  • Coordinate and participate in the Pre-production, Production, and Post-Production phases of multimedia creation.
  • Collaborate with RU Student Life team-members ie. work with bloggers to create multimedia content for their blogs.

Key Characteristics

  • Must love getting people to talk.
  • Must be camera and tech-savvy.
  • Must have creative lens to view the world.

Job Details:

PAYMENT: $12.50/hour
HOURS: 10 hours/week
TERM: January 9-April 7 2017
SUPERVISOR: Senior Storyteller
DEPARTMENT: Student Affairs Special Projects


  • Create video blogs and short blurbs about campus life once a week
  • Find your own leads and your own stories as well as take assignments agreed upon by the team
  • Attend and capture popular campus gatherings, planned/unplanned events
  • Take photos of at least 1 campus event per week.
  • Collaborate and assist bloggers with multimedia components for their stories (i.e. pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Create and foster a sense of enthusiasm, pride and engagement in campus life
  • Pitch other creative projects you want to do


  • Must be a full-time Ryerson student in the 14/15 academic year
  • Hold a minimum 2.33 GPA
  • Be Career Boost approved
  • Be available at a wide variety of times, including some weekends and evenings
  • Possess strong organizational, time-management and multitasking skills
  • Be able to communicate effectively in writing and verbally
  • Be able to work independently, but thrive in a team environment
  • Be creative and have the ability to troubleshoot issues in a fast-paced setting
  • Be a self-starter that is full of creative ideas and is not afraid to take initiative
  • Must understand the Ryerson experience and be engaged in life on campus
  • Create and foster a sense of enthusiasm and pride in student and campus life
  • Have training & experience in photography and video editing that will allow the candidate to fulfill the duties of the position
  • Must be able to demonstrate how their work would contribute to the develop of a vibrant campus community
  • Have photography and videography experience
  • Have experience in relevant software such as Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Technical/software knowledge required:

Advanced (required):

  • DSLR or professional video recording
  • Video editing
  • Audio recording
  • Lighting & set dressing
  • Pre-production planning (storyboarding,shot lists, etc.)
  • Youtube
  • Adobe Premiere and/or Final Cut Pro
  • Safe handling of equipment


  • Closed-captioning for Youtube
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (After Effects, InDesign, etc.)
  • Comfortable on camera as well as behind

To apply or learn more, send your Career Boost approval, resume, cover letter, and demo reel to Tesni Ellis, Senior Storyteller, Student Affairs Special Projects at tesni.ellis@ryerson.ca. Only Career Boost approved students are eligible. Due to high demand, only applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted.