Naughty Valentine Gifts on a Budget

Experience has taught me two things about Valentine’s day

I envision a candle light dinner, a centrepiece- pyramid of ferrero rocher chocolates, a violinist and of course Boyz II Men singing ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ as we enjoy our 4 course dinner – Simple enough. But of course in my boyfriend’s mind it’s Steak and Sex day. How romantic. You spoil me.

So I figure, why spend a lot of money preparing for one day of celebration when, let’s be honest, all that he cares about is the night of. After some research I’ve found some quick, cheap and effective items that you can buy to make Valentine’s day special for both you and that special someone.

Naught Knot Lingerie – available at The Condom Shack $29

For Valentine’s Day just get lazy and wrap yourself up! “Hi Baby! Happy valentine’s Day! Unwrap your gift!” With one good snug it all comes undone. It’s simple, its cheap, takes a bit of confidence and confidence is definitely sexy.

Of course wrapping your body in a bow is not the only way to exude confidence.


Create Your Own Novelty Drink

Spend some time together mixing all types of drink ingredients together – attempting cool bar tricks like spinning vodka bottles….spending time together sweeping up the broken glass =). Host your own taste-tasting, just the two of you, while recording all of the ingredients. Once you’ve found your favourite mixture, create a name and you’ve got yourself a “couple’s” drink. You can throw together your novelty drink during upcoming occasions as well.

Triple X Vouchers – Available at Stag Shop $5

Hand your partner a racy voucher as a sweet, sexy and above all cheap gesture. If your Valentine is more hooked on steak and sex day rather than a single rose, this will without a doubt make their day.

Edible Lingerie – Available at Condom Shack $16

First off I suggest doing this on an empty stomach. Close off your Valentine’s Night by finding out how many licks it takes til you get to the centre of the…

What are some cheap and naughty gift ideas you’ve used for Valentine’s day?