National Engineering Week

Ryerson University held its own National Engineering Week from Feb 28- Mar 4 with a line up of interesting events happening on campus. The week was held to mark the National Engineering Month which is celebrated across Canada in order to spread awareness about the engineering profession and engineers.

The RESS put up a variety of events appealing to everyone’s taste and preferences. But my personal favorite and also the one that has become a tradition at Ryerson, was the Big Push. It started on March 2 at 11 am in the Quad and involved students pushing a Volkswagen Beetle for 24 hours in an effort to raise about $6,000 for Sick Kids hospital. Must say quite an innovative charitable concept. Monster Energy was handing out drinks for a penny in order to support the cause. Donations were accepted from everyone.

There was also a talk held by Edward Poon, Senior Project Engineer for the TTC on his experience at the TTC and other related things.  On March 3, a presentation was held in SCC 115 at 6 p.m. by Bob McDonald from CBC’s science program, Quirks and Quarks.

The biggest and the most extensively covered event was undoubtedly the lighting up of the CN Tower in the colour purple (a colour traditionally associated with the esteemed stamp of a professional engineer) on the 4th of March at 6 pm. This was done with the help of a Rube Goldberg Machine, which is a machine that performs a simple task in a very complicated manner, by including a chain reaction.

A live broadcast was held at the CN Tower that showed 10 engineering student teams from universities and colleges across Ontario( including Ryerson) working together to connect the RG machine in sequence via the Internet. Each university student team had designed a unique and creative section of the machine. The final section of the machine was located at the CN Tower and lit up the entire Tower structure purple, which presented an amazing sight.