Nairisha Batada: Do What You Love

Position on O-Team: 

Multimedia and Online Relations Lead


Radio & Television Arts



1. How have you been involved at Ryerson?


I haven’t been involved at Ryerson much since my day job – working at Omni Television as an Entertainment Reporter – really takes up much of my free-time outside of classes. However, when I learned of a position within Ryerson University on their digital platform, I was ecstatic and decided this was an amazing way to finally be a part of something through university and hopefully meet more like-minded individuals. I have had a chance to briefly help out with events such as the TARA Awards and I’ve played some intramural soccer but I’m really hoping to get a lot more involved now that I’m getting closer to my last two years.


2. Why did you want to join the Orientation Team?

I used to attend York University for Political Science before I decided media was really my calling. I think the best memory I have to date was my experience during Orientation Week! When I transferred over to Ryerson University, I didn’t end up going to the orientation thinking it wasn’t really for transfer students; little did I know that orientation was for all first year students irregardless of weather they were transferring or starting their first year in university altogether. It is definitely my biggest regret!

Joining the Orientation Team was my way of not only making it up to myself, but most importantly, being part of organizing the events and assisting with the aspect of transition for incoming student. When I learned of a multimedia position on the Orientation Team, it was the perfect opportunity to get involved at Ryerson University while also building on old skills and acquiring new ones.


3. What were you most nervous about coming into university?

Coming into university, I was most nervous about finding a field that I actually enjoyed or doing work that would ideally intrigue and challenge me. It was really tough when I attended York University, trying to force myself to follow a field that was considered “normal” or standardly professional according to society or parents. I learned that you can’t force passion and the only way to be the best at what you do is by doing what you truly love. That was just one part of it but I think becoming independent and learning skills like time-management and taking on responsibilities was something that definitely scared me in the beginning.


4. What piece of advice would you give a group of incoming first years?

nairisha_batada_mmvaDO WHAT YOU LOVE!!!! – I can’t stress this enough! My understanding is that if you do what you love and pour your energy into what your passionate about there is no doubt that sooner or later you will find success. After all, how can you not be good at what you love? If you love it enough, you will put all your energy and heart into it if you take pride in what you do.

TAKE RISKS! – You know what they say; the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Of course there has to be a level of calculation when you take a risk but don’t be afraid to follow your heart and do what feels right. Gut instincts are everything. Your gut is like your personal life compass, take a step towards the direction it points you in and you won’t regret it.


5. What are you most excited for this Orientation & why?

All of  O WEEK! I think we have an exceptionally talented team. Each one of our members is from a different program and they each bring a diverse range of talents and skills. One thing we all have in common is some great leadership skills and I really think this is going to be the best orientation yet. We’ve been working on some really exciting events and putting out some fun material and pre-events. All the work we put in over the next few months comes down to one week in August and its definitely going to be a blast! Our team is truly hard working and we have some amazing personalities and I’m going to be really sad when this summer is over!


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