myApollo Welcomes New Students To Ryerson!

myapollo screenshotmyApollo the world’s first private peer-to-peer social network, is proud to welcome new students during Ryerson University Orientation Week, running from August 24th to 31st 2014. We support Ryerson’s vision RISE, which signifies the opportunities for incoming students to go above and beyond their own expectations for learning and success. At myApollo, we believe it is important to go beyond your boundaries in order to find success in your daily goals.

Much of today’s social media limits user control over ownership of their personal information. We believe that students should attend Orientation Week to continually build their network and myApollo gives you the opportunity to continue the conversation online while maintaining your privacy. With myApollo, you can create a private network, share articles and tips and post pictures. By giving users the option to secure their information on social media, we will change the conversation.

image00One Orientation Week event that you don’t want to miss out on is the Amazing Race, brought to you by myApollo. This daytime event provides students the opportunity to explore the campus and surrounding area while interacting with teams of 20 to 30 people. During the event, students will be asked to collaborate in order to decipher clues and race to each location in a manner similar to the popular TV show in hopes of winning the grand prize. Other events held throughout the week include the Welcome Gala, the Guinness World Record Challenge and the Fiesta de Fuego.

Students are encouraged to download myApollo, now available on Android and iOS and interact with their friends and family throughout the week.

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