My Views From the 6ix | Jillian Maniquis | #RoadToRyerson

Hi there!

So I usually talk in videos but I decided to let this video do most of the talking. Here’s a little blurb to tie it all together.

Ryerson’s student population is 80% commuters. So I know that many of you can relate when I say that the commute is expected to be hell. I am, by no means, a morning person – I don’t like being woken up abruptly or before the sun rises… but sacrifices have to be made and sleeping in is one of them. And I wish my blog could give you guys some advice about how you could sleep in and magically appear in your classroom, but alas I will also be waking up at ungodly hours in the morning just to make it to class on time. But, here’s what I learned this summer: The commute is only hell if you make it hell.

Toronto has a pretty darn good transit system. We can bash it all day, but tell a Vaughan, Scarborough, Brampton or Mississauga kid that the TTC sucks and they’ll give you one heck of a speech about their transit systems (or the longer commute they’ll have to take to school).

I came to this revelation this summer when I decided to become a tourist in my own city. It’s amazing how vibrant, diverse and full of adventure this city is once you take off the 18-year perspective that you’ve previously had on it. There are so many things about this city to discover and explore. My blog video is about just this. It’s about seeing the city’s greatness and all that it offers.

So here’s my advice for commuters or just not-so-morning-people in general: Make every commute an adventure. Ryerson is in the heart of Yonge-Dundas square and the downtown core of Toronto. There is always something new to see, to discover, to try, to taste, to enjoy.



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