WEEK 3: Moving Across the Country

If you’ve been following my #RoadToRyerson journey, you would know that I am moving from Vancouver, British Columbia to be at Ryerson!

Hundreds of kids move across the country every year just for University. While the act of moving out of the house may be exciting, moving across the country is no easy walk in the park. Here are some tips to make your move a lot easier!

Don’t Bring “Everything”


While you may need some mementos to remind you of home, keep the knick knacks to a limit! If you’re staying in a dorm, your place is going to be tiny! Chances are, you are going to be collection more “junk” during the year, so leave your stuffed animals and vinyl collection at home.

Take Some Time


If you’re like me, you pack at the very last second. This is not the time to do that. It is very important that you have everything that you need, since the next time you will have the chance to grab it is during Christmas! Make a list a week before, pack a couple days before your flight, and make sure you do laundry!

Do Your Research


Your apartment or dorm may provide many supplies and ___ that you would otherwise need to buy. Also, you have to make sure you know what your bed size is, the location you are staying at, and how far you will be from your school. Also, familiarize yourself with your future surroundings! Look for all of the closest grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, malls and stores!

Shop When You Get There


Lugging tons of heavy items on an airplane or a car would be horrible. Make sure you buy most of your larger items in the city you are moving to, so you don’t have to lug everything in your luggage! If you know somebody in the city you’re going to, buy some items online and have them shipped to them! This allows you to save money and time.

Ask For Discounts


When stocking up on essentials, don’t forget to take advantage of your student-status! One of the BIGGEST perks of being a student is the incredible discounts you get. And trust me – we ALL need them. Everything from clothes to school supplies and electronics are usually discounted for students all year around. When checking out, make sure to ask if they have any discounts for students. Usually, you can snag 10-20% off your entire purchase!

Bring Some Family and Friends


Moving in by yourself is dreadful! Having some loved ones there next to you on your big day is so important, and makes the day go by so much quicker. Not only can they help you lug your mini fridge up to your dorm, but they can send you off after you’re completely moved in and make the moving in process fun and less stressful.

Hope these tips make your move that much easier! Good luck!


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