Momina Ishfaq: Making the most of student life

Momina Ishfaq, 3rd year Civil Engineering

When I first met Momina, I knew she was someone who thrived on keeping busy. We changed our interview time because she had an event to attend right after, and didn’t want to be late. We both agreed to meet an hour earlier, so she wouldn’t feel rushed. When she arrived at the RU Student Life office and introduced herself, I immediately felt her positive energy. I never met anyone so spunky and enthusiastic at first impression. Momina is easy to talk to and really knows how to make you feel comfortable. After getting to know her, I learned that being social is her specialty, no wonder she made me feel so at ease!

How are you involved at Ryerson and what do you do?

I’m currently involved with RESS – Ryerson Engineering Student Society, as the Vice President Student Life, I plan events for the students, lots of social stuff for the students, semi formals, pub nights and all that fun stuff and then I’m also involved with Ryerson Civil Engineering Society as the Vice President Internal, which takes care of internal matters and we have a team there we plan events sort of a similar thing Concrete Toboggan team, which is a competition team, we compete and make a toboggan and I’m a spirit captain and my job is to pump people up.

So what’s the vibe like at these groups?

Well it’s engineering so everyone’s always kind of stressed out, but there’s always extra-curricular things to take up your time, to take up your time and we have fun. We’re all a professional atmosphere but it’s also fun we are like a giant family, everyone likes each other we all get along, and the main important thing is working together and being able to get along with people. So it’s nice to make friends. Of all the things I do I like getting involved and meeting people in engineering it’s all other years and faculty.

What made you want to study engineering?

Well, it’s because of my dad actually. (laughing) I’m in civil engineering and he’s a civil engineer and I really liked what he did. I used to like looking at his projects and reading them over. I always thought it was really interesting. Back In high school I was good in math and physics and it just kind of made sense, and now I do lots of math and physics!

There’s always a stereotype that there’s more girls–

(Interrupting me, Momina agrees there is more male students in engineering than female) At first it’s really weird because there are so many boys. I’m in civil so there’s a good ratio, but you eventually get used to it. This is my third year out of five and I don’t notice it anymore, you become not sensitive to it. I have a good group of girl friends and guy friends. So you don’t really notice it too much I guess.
You seem really busy, what do you do outside of school?

I do have a part time job but aside from that school and extra-curricular’s take up all of my time. But it’s nice to have friends already involved in what I do so I still get to see them all the time.

What keeps you motivated?

It might sound selfish, but you want to do lots of stuff and do well so you can build a resume, but once you start, you get emotionally invested in it. One of the main factors that motivates me is that I care about the studies I do and I care about the people I work with and work for. I want to do well, and want to get out there, and bring Ryerson engineering to a new level. Doing that improves the experience, even just going out and meeting new people.

[pullquote align=”right”]I want to do well, and want to get out there, and bring Ryerson engineering to a new level.[/pullquote]

Do you have any advice for students thinking about coming to Ryerson or going into your program?

Go for it! It’s lots of fun, Don’t be shy. You can be outgoing. As a girl coming into a program like this, it is really intimidating but especially in school you can show all the boys you’re here to stay, don’t be embarrassed just go for it.

Do you think you’ve changed since starting at Ryerson?

Yes I definitely became way more outgoing, I was never too shy but starting off university everyone is looking to come out of their shell, and I’ve definitely done that. I’ve met a lot of people, learned a lot of skills and social skills that got me where I am now.

What are you up to lately?

I’m going to an event right now, our event is PR event and our honorary president is coming and we are inaugurating him.

The FCAD students  just had their referendum for the RCDS society. Do you have any advice for the new Ryerson Communication and Design Society?

Yes and Congratulations to them! You’ll do well if you love what you do, you went above and beyond just creating a society. Don’t get down, we’ve had ups and we’ve had downs and it’s all worth it in the end!