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Dear Reader,

Tomorrow is move in day and it seems as though ever waking second is just flying by. (Move in day will probably have passed by the time this blog gets posted, but you get the idea). Anyways, I am still at a loss for words that soon I shall be living in downtown Toronto, studying Media Production at a school that I’ve wanted to attend since I was a child. It seems so surreal! I feel like Harry Potter did when he first got on the Hogwarts Express, a boy filled with excitement and nerves.

All aboard the Ryerson Express!


I can still vividly remember the conversation I had with one of my favourite elementary school teachers about post-secondary school. She had informed me about a school that was very well known for its television and radio broadcasting program that had recently changed from a college to a university. Knowing my love for the city of Toronto, media, film and television she recommended I look into the school as an option for my future. That school was Ryerson University, the program was RTA: Radio & Television. Now if you’ve read my previous entries you’d know that sure enough that is the program I will be attending here this fall (although the program has been renamed RTA: Media Production)! No amount of words can explain how excited I am to get started!

This entire week I’ve spent my time getting prepared, both psychically and emotionally. The hardest part about moving isn’t packing your things into boxes (as I previously thought), it’s the goodbye’s you have to say to your friends and families. I for one don’t believe in the concept of “goodbye”, I’d rather say “see you later” because I know deep down I will see those I love again. But regardless of that factor, it was still an emotional struggle to depart from those most closest to me. I hung out with several people this week for one last “hooray” before I moved out, and believe me everything was rainbows and sunshines, until the last five minutes of every hangout crept up and the tears started a flowing. People who I never expected to cry, cried! My parents cried, my friends cried, my family members cried, my co-workers cried, I CRIED! Man, it just really hits you how much people mean to you when you’re moving out of town. But I know a new exciting adventure awaits!

Music has been a really good calmer for me this week. Three songs in particular have made the thought of moving away a lot less stressful. These songs are: Up We Go – Lights, When Can I See You Again – Owl City, & Someday – The Summer Set. There’s something about the lyrics in each of these songs that just make me excited to move on with my future. Music is honestly one of the best things to turn to in any circumstance I feel. I even made my friends some going away mix tape’s to make our “see ya later’s” a lot less painful. If you’re having a hard time with moving out, try giving these songs a listen, they’re all really calming and have great messages in them 🙂

“When Can I See You Again” – Owl City
“When Can I See You Again” – Owl City

With that all said and done, I should probably head to bed and get a goodnights rest. Although I doubt my excitement will even let me bat an eyelid. Can’t wait to meet the rest of you Ryerson Students! Good luck moving all your stuff in! Here’s to a great year filled with fun, laughter & adventure, WOOT WOOT!

And so the journey begins… #RoadToRyerson

Catch Ya Later!

Mikael M. Melo

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