WEEK 1: Meet Storyteller #2: Maryan Sheikh-Ali

That’s me, a very mature high school graduate ready to enter the adult world.

Hello wonderful people! My name is Maryan, and I’m so excited to start my year at Ryerson University! I know that these next four years will be quite the journey for me- what better way to start it all off by exposing myself to the student public? I’ll start with the basics: I am 17 years old, have lived in Toronto my entire life, and will be attending Ryerson for the RTA Media Production program. While I have some hobbies (reading, video-editing), being a professional procrastinator ironically takes up most of my time. You can find me at home alone reading celebrity gossip, thinking about food, doing absolutely nothing, or reading posts about Ryerson for the hundredth time.Starting first-year this September evokes multiple different feelings within me, so I decided to share 5 emotions that constantly arise in my mind (with accompanying gifs of course)!

1. Excitement










This one is pretty self-explanatory- starting university is something I am totally pumped about. Ever since I was young’un, I dreamed about attending university, and now it’s finally happening. It’s so cool to finally be able to take control of my education, and really have a full sense of independence.I know that Ryerson is the place to be- being at the center of the city surrounded by modern buildings and innovative people will all be very exhilarating. I have been counting down the days to this new adventure for months now, and it’s so cool seeing it all become a reality.

2. Anxious










While I’m nervous about a lot of things going into first year, I have to say that I am most anxious about meeting new people. I honestly don’t really have any close friends in general, let alone people that I will know going in Ryerson altogether. Everyone talks about how first-year is a place to make amazing friends, but I am worried about whether or not anyone will find me worthy of talking to. I like public speaking and being enthusiastic on camera or online, but in person I suffer from social anxiety, which I’m scared will stop me from engaging with others. I don’t just feel like a small fish in a big pond- I feel more like a little tadpole.

3. Doubt










As much as I love my program, I still have days where I doubt whether I’ve made the right decision. Should I chosen a different program, one that might be more practical and lead to secure job prospects? Am I missing out on a true ‘university experience’ by not living on residence? Will I do well in my first year, and am I worthy enough of even attending? Should I have taken a year off altogether too truly find myself?  I try to stifle these questions, but I have to admit a little voice in my head continues to badger me with them on days where I am feeling especially down









I thought the jump from middle school to high school was big- but high school to university? I have never experienced something so big and life-changing, and it honestly leaves me feeling rattled on the inside. On the one hand, it’s cool finally having something to look forward to, and to change up my boring routine. On the other hand, it all feels like too much at times; I wish life would just slow down. Tuition, course selection, frosh and orientation ALL in the span of one month?! I’M NOT READY!!! This whole post is just an example of the emotional rollercoaster I am currently on.

5. Pride

(Note: I couldn’t NOT end this off with Beyoncé.)









No matter what ends up happening, I am ultimately so proud of myself for making it this far in my education, and for receiving my offer to Ryerson. The whole university application process was very stressful, and my program in particular was very competitive. Knowing that I was not only offered a place to study in such an amazing institution, but also that I took the imitative to accept the offer and grab this opportunity makes me very proud of myself, and all those going through it this year!

I know that these emotions are pretty basic, but I hope that my explanations will be able to resonate with other people. Knowing that thousands of others are going through the same journey as me reassures me that I made the right decision.

That’s it for my introduction to the #RoadToRyerson! Be on the look out for more posts soon!

Until next time:

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