Map: three places to have a snowball fight this winter

Call me crazy, but Winter happens to be my favorite season. I find that it’s easier to get warmer after being cold than colder after being warm, and I hate the perpetual precipitation that comes with Spring and Fall.

There’s also something else: the ease of which you can make things out of that lovely white powder. Whether you’re making forts or making a snowman, Winter allows us to get a little creative while bundled up.

So I’ve created a small map in order to show you a couple great places to have a snowball fight in the city. Click different markers to show my thoughts on structures, fortifications and the surrounding areas. Of course, these locations are quite awesome during the warmer months, as well, but I find that the winter gives them a special sheen.

Go nuts and stay safe!

View Snowball fights in Toronto in a larger map