Lounging on Ryerson’s Patio: The Pros & Cons

First-years may not know but Gould Street wasn’t always the closed oasis you see now. The fight to close down Gould has come a long way. It was closed briefly during rallies, was once covered in grass and has been a hot issue during RSU meetings. And even now, it’s only a pilot project.

But while it is still closed, let’s look at some pros and cons.

PRO:  It’s closed. Students can actually cross the street, well most of it, without having to look around for pesky cars. Who hasn’t been honked at by impatient drivers in front of the library?

CON: Traffic congestion. I’m not talking about cars. I’m talking about the now mass of bodies lining the street. It’ll die down as winter hits but there were times in the first weeks of school when I could barely get by. The sidewalks were an option but the whole point is that I shouldn’t have to use them.

PRO: During the Week of Welcome, the Ram in the Rye set up a beer garden. Love it.

CON:  It’s only partially closed. It would be nice to extend it the entire street, especially where the Student Campus Centre is. We need to get our RSU on.

PRO: We get to bask in the streets as events like the Gould Street Carnival on Sept. 29 take place. Check it out at 12:00 p.m.

What do you think of the closing of Gould Street? Let me know your thoughts.