Less Woo, More Wow for spring break

Even though it’s barely winter break, I’m already thinking of study week break in mid-February. A girl has to start planning early, people. I’ve always been a traveller. Even when I haven’t actually traveled, I still like to read about places and hear about other people’s trips.

There is a way at Ryerson to travel and helps others while doing it. Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Ryerson is a student-run group that takes travelling and gives it a purpose. Students volunteer in developing countries while learning about their cultures and exploring its cities.

Any student can join, making it an eclectic mix of programs and faculties coming together for a cause. Students help teach English or build houses while on their trip, helping the local community. I’ve been to ASB’s general meetings every year. But the timing and the cost of the trip just never worked out for me. This year, I’m truly jealous of everyone going. There are two trips, one to Colombia in February and a summer project to Vietnam.

While applications to go to Colombia are now closed, you should keep ASB in mind for next year. They usually have their information session about the new project and the group in September. Students go through interview process until a team is created. I’ll be talking to members of the team in February to see how the trip went and what they learned during their journey.

Check ASB Ryerson out on Facebook or for any questions, contact asb@ryerson.ca.