Kim Angelo Santos: From Shy Guy to Spirit Squad

Position on O-Team: 

Sponsorship Lead





1. How have you been involved at Ryerson?

If I were to count this year, I’m in my third year of working with the Ryerson Orientation Crew. Outside of that, I have been involved at Ryerson in many ways that are all currently coming back to me as I type this.

I am currently in my second year of paddling for Ryerson Dragon Boat Club which allows me to travel to places like Milton, Welland and Montreal and represent Ryerson through some healthy and active competition. I decided to join Ryerson Dragon Boat Club for the sense of camaraderie and looking to move into a more active and healthy lifestyle (medals and winning would be cool too).

This past school year, I worked in Ryerson’s Career Development and Employment Centre thanks to the Work Study Program as a Resume and Cover Letter Advisor. In the English program, we’re given a lot of opportunities to write and express ourselves, but in a more abstract way. Working as a RCLA allowed my technical writing skills to flourish.


2. Why did you want to join the Orientation Team?

As mentioned before, this is going to be my third year being involved in Ryerson Central Orientation. I felt like this year, given that I’ve participated enough in orientation and have a good enough grasp of what to expect, I wanted to take that experience and apply it to something that would help orientation become better than it ever was. The team I am working with this year is by far one of the most dynamic teams I’ve ever been in. Everyone has their own special talent, experience and point of view to offer.


3. What were you most nervous about coming into university?

I was most nervous that I wouldn’t mesh with with the rest of the community. I grew up feeling very isolated in most of my elementary years and that feeling dragged into high school for a bit. Towards the end of my high school life, I started coming out of my shell. When university came around, there was always that anxiety that it would become a repeat of elementary school.


4. What piece of advice would you give a group of incoming first years?

Be open to change and new opportunities. Take the little time here to really explore yourself and what you might like. For most, university is the last stepping stone until entering a life with a career and what most people would call “the rest of your life.” You’ve got a couple of years here… make them count.


5. What are you most excited for this Orientation & why?

This Orientation, I am most excited for the new events that our Events team is planning. Not to give too much away, but I am really hoping for puppies just because I’m a sucker for puppies (and my baby bunny Meep :D).

Also, I’m excited to see how I can impact the incoming students from such a different position this year. My other two years, I worked with Ryerson Orientation under the guise of Spirit Squad, which was just a title for “GO CHEER AND BE FULL OF SCHOOL SPIRIT!” This year, I’m finding out what happens in the planning stages leading up to orientation. The lead up: that’s what excites me the most about orientation.

Anything else you want people to know?

Approach me if you see me 😀 I’m quite friendly (or so I’m told)


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