Killing time in line: surviving the wait for a Metropass

If you live off-campus like me, there’s one day a month that you wish would pass by in the blink of an eye. However, it seems to drag on forever, numbing your brain and eventually your legs. You look for a place to sit, but there is none; you have entered the realm of no return – the metropass line.

Alright, perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic. The line for metropasses is usually one of those things that you either hit at a good time (and be out in 10 minutes) or at a bad time (say goodbye to your afternoon). I figure I can help alleviate the problem by giving out a few choice pieces of advice to make the time go by faster:

Music: Pretty much an essential for any university student, a music player and headphones has sped many a time by. If you’re feeling adventurous, one could also download podcasts like TED Talks or the Discovery Channel, which -gasp- let you learn about (good) ideas happening in the world around us. Video functionality is a bonus.

Books: Besides the obvious application of this time to course reading, why not take the time to get caught up on a novel/magazine/menu of choice? I know some people who can’t read and walk at the same time, however, so be mindful of walls.

(Smart) Phone: If your phone has internet and your data plan isn’t too stingy, you really shouldn’t need this list. You could also (technically) be reading this very blog from your cellphone. Creepy. Otherwise, text some friends or call your mom – I’m sure she misses you.

A Buddy: Nothing makes things go faster than bringing a friend along; however, keep in mind you might be in it for the long haul. Having a conversation turn dry combined with being stuck in line with eachother for awhile could lead to catastrophe.

Hopefully this helped you keep your head about you during the hunt for discount TTC fares; we’re all in this together.