Journalism Faculty examines their “Women in the Field”

It’s disappointing that in this current age women still have to worry about inequalities in the workplace. Though many efforts to highlight these issues have been made by other Ryerson groups (such as the White Ribbon Campaign,) it’s rare that we see something specifically targeted to one program of study or profession.

This changes this month, as the Ryerson Journalism faculty (with help from the Journalism Course Union) will be holding a day of seminars titled “Women in the Field: Changing the Face of Journalism” on March 22nd from 9AM to 6PM. Attendees are invited to take part in a number of panels such as “Balancing Bosses, Babies, and Blogs,” “‘Equal’ in the Newsroom? More like Sweet and Low” and “Reporting in Risky Situations.” Speakers include many respected female journalists, including former Ryerson professor Jan Wong, Anna Maria Tremonti and Anne-Marie Mediwake.

Also occurring is a catered lunch from 11:30-1:30; participants will be able to network and share a meal as Wong will deliver an Atkinson Lecture.

It’s refreshing to see events geared towards specific issues in a particular field. As a journalism student who knows many of the faculty who are putting this on, it’s evident that they are looking to educate their students and probe their colleagues minds for solutions to this distressing problem. Men are welcome to attend; I will be for some perspective.