Journalism elective fair looks to inform for choice

On Monday afternoon Ryerson’s school of Journalism held its first annual electives fair. The event was held in order to give students a more concise view of what electives would be available to them in their coming years, and to aid in their planning.

Both teachers and the Journalism Course Union volunteered their time and materials, with the professors explaining the courses that they teach to their prospective students, offering advice and insight into their career aspirations. Representatives from both Apple Computers and Henry’s Photography informed students of the technology that would aid them during their travels.

Students also got a unique look at “backpack Journalism”, which involves the tools that should be in every journalist’s bag.

It was interesting to see the hectic planning that goes into making course decisions for the coming years. Even better was the availability of staff to make sure that their possible students were informed and educated. The nature of the journalism program allows for students to choose between classes involving online, radio, television or print writing, and students are encouraged to tailor-make a program that suits their interests.

Of course, you had the fair standards of surveys, free food and swag, but students looked genuinely interested and appreciative towards what was presented; it will be interesting if this becomes an annual event, or if other programs follow suit.