Introducing… Matt!

The first couple weeks of the semester are a mix of stressful and exhilarating; I mean, it’s nice to be continuing, or in some cases, starting, your university career.

My name is Matt Demers, and I’m a fourth-year journalism student. I’m doing a semester running The Ryersonian (one of Ryerson’s school papers) as an OP/ED editor, then hopefully doing an internship or the National Post or Globe and Mail.

I’ve been writing for this blog for three years now, and going into my final year, I find that it’s become a little piece of therapy for me. I’ve ever been one to get involved with campus events, and this blog helped me get out there and get exposed to things I normally never would have seen.

What I want you to get out of this blog is the same thing it gave me: a reason to engage yourself in this school, and a gateway into the smaller events that might slip under your radar. As a pretty big tech geek, I’m going to help you guys get acquainted with a number of tools I’ve used to make my university experience a little smoother, and hopefully will do the same for you.

If you have any questions about Ryerson or the things I write about, I can be found on Twitter on @MattDemers.