Inspirational Spaces to Kick Back on Campus

Ryerson University is a beautifully diverse campus with many fun spaces to kick back on during the summer and early fall days. Whether you want to grab a quick book to read, finish an assignment or just take in some summer sun, the many scenic places on campus are a wonderful way to soak in some Ryerson vibes.  We set out across campus looking for some fun spots that not only have a good view but are also resourceful if you need to plug in your laptop or cellular device.

Between The Lake Devo Rocks

The one obvious choice to read a book or just get some work done is Lake Devo but with so many students on campus it can be hard to find  some under-umbrella space.
Instead we would suggest going where it is more quiet and relaxing, between the Lake Devo rocks. The space takes you away from the noisy areas on campus with high pedestrian traffic.

Take a seat by one of massive Precambrian boulders and relax to sounds of the mini streamline waterfall. When you need some inspiration all you have to do is look up and you will see the many greats of the world staring right back at you. From Martin Luther King to Bill Clinton the photography on wall of greats is hard to miss.


Ryerson’s Image Arts Building  

The image arts building is a great place to find inspiration on campus. The building’s interior and exterior both scream creativity both being elaborately surrounded  by beautiful pieces of artwork.


The Image Arts Centre, proves to be a great study space with tables set up on a set of levelled platforms accompanied by power outlets for your electronic devices with beautiful artwork on the right and natural light and scenery to the left.

Walls of art are the perfect place to look when searching for inspiration. Many pieces of artwork created by students are places around the building and serve as a great addition to the aesthetic feel of the building while also proving to be a wonderful source of inspiration.

Ryerson-image-arts -building

Adjacent to the study space in the image arts building is large windows with the perfect amount of natural light with a stellar view of the neighbouring church.


The Hidden Spaces of the Kerr Quad

The Kerr quad is a great green space to escape to especially in the summer and early fall months. With Ryerson being in the middle of Toronto’s urban sprawl, spending some time with mother nature can always be refreshing.


Though it is quite common for many students to be playing sports and hanging out right in the middle of the field. We thought finding some hidden spots would be more beneficial for those looking to get some quiet time.

The large gate which dawns the entrance of the Ryerson Athletic Centre also holds a few window nooks that you only thought existed in Harry Potter books. These large windows provide the best type of shelter to hide out with a book and maybe even take a nap? make sure you bring a blanket or a comfy sweater to lay down on.

Ryerson - park bench
You can also find various benches in the Kerr Quad that serve perfectly as lunch and meet up spots that are surrounded by greenery in the summer and early fall seasons.


The Ryerson Engineer Building

Many students don’t often enter the Ryerson Engineering Building thinking that  it’s only exclusive to engineering students, well that’s definitely not the case.

Ryerson - Engineering building - view
The building houses some of the best study areas for students with high chairs, tables with power outlets and  big bright windows honing natural light with beautiful views of campus.

Ryerson - Sears Attrium 2

The Sears Atrium is the first of many of these places that has desks lined up on both the right and left walls of the atrium with high-ceilings that bring in natural light from overhead. The area is accessorized with plants and wall power units for your laptop or electronic device. The atrium serves as a nice balance of nature and technology within an open- concept learning environment.