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Hi there Ramily,

O-week is a week from now and I guess you all are more than excited as I am. I have walked across campus lately for some important errands and I’m happy to be part of this community. These updates on my blog this week are called ‘Retrospect’. I decided to take you back in  time and try to create the moments and memories on my #RoadtoRyerson.


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Pack your bags and get set, I just booked a quick flight reservation for us to visit Nigeria in Africa. I thought it would be nice to give you a brief insight on my #RoadtoRyerson from that continent. To make our trip even more convenient for you, I created a visual story where you can select African prints to pack along incase you are puzzled about what to wear since this will be your first time in Africa. During our flight, I am going to play some Pop Music by Nigerian artists to imbibe the country’s rhythms in you during our short stay. If you find these tunes interesting, you can look them up later from the playlist section provided for you in your travel guide while I do some storytelling.

Playlist section of travel guide.
Playlist section of travel guide.

Please don’t panic now, you will not get lost and I promise not to leave you behind because I just reserved our return tickets back to Toronto. Sit back and relax; you can thank me later 🙂 Remember! This is all make believe so I need your corporation.

Thank you.


I am sharing here with you about most of my first times in somethings as a first-timer in those things. Also, I am sharing what I was up to during my wait on Ryerson and what those times looked like after Ryerson got back to me. I tried to recreate those memories because they always remained brand new in my senses. In the end, I left a little piece of advice to calm the nervousness we get as Freshmen. During that, there was a typo* in my statement. I actually meant, “Ryerson is Canada’s most CAREER ORIENTED DRIVEN University at 2:45s. Haha, pardon me.

I hope you keep enjoying the last days of your summer break.

With kindest personal regards,

Jolyon Etaoghene

To check out the rest of my story, click here. 

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