In 250 Words: An Update on Your New Year’s Resolution

In the 250 Words series, one question is posed to the RU Student Life bloggers, who each provide their own perspective. 

Question 7: How’s Your New Year’s Resolution Progressing?

Jess: Living in the Now

I’m happy to say that I’m pretty on-track so far when it comes to my resolutions for 2016. I won’t list them all here—there are 19 in total—but I’ll write about the ones that I’m working on currently.

After months of running food at the Ram, I asked to start serving (which was at the top of my list of resolutions) and got trained last week. The second on my list was to get a better place to live. I just started advertising my room today. The place I’m moving into is better in the sense that I will be living with one of my best friends and will have more space for parties—two things which I’m infinitely pleased about. I’m also excited about upgrading from carpet to hardwood floors! As far as “finding a means of regular, enjoyable exercise”, I’ve been going skating over the past few weeks and signed up for cardio classes at the RAC (I like exercising in group settings). I also wanted to see more live music—a resolution that will be met when I attend WayHome Music & Arts Festival in July.

There are a couple of things that I won’t be able to do this year (like backpacking through Europe), but while resolutions can act as a guiding light throughout the year, it’s always important to remember that “now” isn’t always necessarily the right time. Sometimes it’s better to tell your intention to the universe and then to allow things to unfold in their own way—cliché, but it works. Trust me.

Janine: Staying Strong on Becoming Strong

My 2016 resolution was to get fit and eat healthier foods, a common New Year’s resolution and one that is probably the most popular to break early in the year. I’m happy to share that two months into 2016, I’ve been going to the RAC 3 times a week and already feeling so much healthier and fit. I’ve realized that once you get into the habit of things, the rest is about keeping it up. Making the gym part of my weekly and daily routine is my new normal. Now, the gym isn’t a drag for me to go to, rather something I look forward to at the end of my day. I think a big part of that is because I go to the gym with friends and not only do we get to hang out, but we push each other to do our best.

I’ve noticed that ever since I’ve been going to the gym regularly, my body has been craving healthier foods and turning down to junk food is slowly getting easier. I’m also starting to pack my own lunches rather than going out, but once a week, I will treat myself to a meal downtown, which is often at the Hub. I’ve learned that the beginning is always the hardest and you just have to stick with it and constantly remind yourself of your 2016 goal.

Zahra: Resolution to ‘Solution’

Going into 2016, I was a bit upset. Scratch that, I was a lot upset. 2015 had been so good to me, how could I just move on to another? So I made a list of what made last year so good and thought about how I could incorporate that into the new. My list included everything from upping my Instagram game by exploring more of Toronto, donating blood, traveling, working out a little more but being okay with not having abs, and staying in touch with my international friendships.

I got rejected from donating blood because I lacked iron; I’m so busy that I don’t even have time for myself let alone for anyone else; and I lost the password to my Instagram account… So that’s where I’m at right now. But it’s only March and I’ve booked a couple of trips out of the country already. One out of all these isn’t bad.

Then I thought about it again – ‘resolution’ means to fix what wasn’t working, to find another ‘solution’, but I had such a good last year that there really wasn’t anything to find a solution to. I was already doing what I loved. I don’t have to change anything, I just need to build on top of. I came to the realization that January 1st was just another day I didn’t have to acknowledge besides a NYE party and getting used to the ‘6’ at the end of ‘201’ instead of ‘5’.

Goal setting is more than a to-do list, it’s a plan with a draft attached. I learned that the hard way.


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