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I Woke Up Like This: Tell Us Why You Love Your Self


Every day, we’re bombarded with images of unattainable “beauty” ideals. We place pressure on ourselves to be perfect, trying to achieve something that is at most times, unattainable.

I WOKE UP LIKE THIS is an opportunity to combat those pressures, celebrate yourselves and embrace your flawless flaws! We’re putting a spin on the “freshman 15” and asking you to tell us 15 things you LOVE about yourself. Whether it’s your fantastic smile or down to your toes, or your hilarious sense of humour and your knowledge of literature, share your #RULikeThis with us! If you can’t think of 15, submit however many you want! Including your name is completely optional. Check to see everyone’s submissions!

Nominate your friends to participate, too!


Submit 15 things you love about yourself, in any format – poetry, essays, photos, videos, designs, anything goes!

How to Submit:

Send your submission to or use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vine and tag us @RUStudentLife #RULikeThis


To celebrate ourselves!


Submissions will be entered into a draw to win prize packs donated by Dove!

Looking forward to your submissions and celebrating the diversity of personalities, bodies, and abilities we have at Ryerson.

Thank you for participating!

Poem by Zahra Khozema
Poem by Zahra Khozema

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