How To Include Physical Activity Into Your Week

With numerous things on our schedules, it can be hard to try and fit some exercise into our week. Maybe you go straight to work from class or find it hard to use the last of your energy after a long day to hit the gym.

There are a lot of things that can interfere with our drive and will to include some physical activity into our day. However, at Ryerson there are a lot of ways we can incorporate exercise instead of thinking it’s impossible!

Here are some ways to include physical activity into your week.

1. Take the stairs instead of the escalator

Become a stair master and get a leg pump by avoiding the escalator and elevators. This is my first recommendation to one, avoid the crowd and two get your heart pumping. This doesn’t apply to just on campus but everywhere you go during the week.

You can even challenge yourself by skipping every other step, every two steps and running up. This is a simple (and yes, obvious) way to get some exercise into your day.

P.S. I see you people taking the elevator ONE FLOOR up.

2. Adjust your commute

For TTC riders, you can stand for some of your trip to school, or all of it. I know it might be brutal during rush hour but standing is better for your body than sitting, especially when you’re literally on your way to sit in class for five hours. Also, you could always get off one stop early and walk the extra block. This one may be better when its milder weather outside, but keep it in mind as an option.

If you’re a Go-Train commuter, there is an alternative to get to class without freezing outside, aside from the TTC. If you have never taken the Toronto PATH before, you are in for a treat. For me and most people who had to navigate it on their on for the first time, it can be confusing. However, there is now an online map that is accessible on mobile that shows you exactly where to go. You can start at Union Station and make your way to the Toronto Eaton Centre.

If you are still trying to avoid the cold from the mall to class, walk underground from the Southbound side of the Dundas station platform to the Northbound side where you can exit right around the corner from the SLC.

Another side tip, if you have class in the RCC, ENG, EPH or any building near Church Street, you can walk from SLC, through Kerr Hall West and across the bridge to RCC, all while being indoors.

3. Do a quick at home exercise session

If you aren’t feeling up to going to the actual gym, there are always ways to workout in the comfort of your home.

You can find a space in your home, lay down a yoga mat or a blanket and do some simple exercises. For me, I do exercises with and without weights. If you happen to have 5 or 8 pound weights at home, bring them out an incorporate them into your workout. My at home workouts usually include 30-minute ab circuits, some arm and leg toning with weights and resistance band training. In addition, if you happen to have a treadmill, go for a short run, or run around your neighbourhood.

If you’re not sure where to start, there are great sites, blogs Youtube channels and social media pages that will give you great advice. You can find a routine that works for you by even searching #workouts or #fitness on Instagram, where you’ll find a bunch of videos that will pop up.

4. Visit the RAC or MAC

Our very own campus has multiple opportunities for you to include physical activity into your week.

First, if you haven’t visited the RAC, you can access it by entering the archway to Kerr Hall from Gould Street. The entrance to the RAC will lead you down a flight of stairs as the facility is underground.

Outside of the RAC entrance. (RUSL/Madi Wong)

Here, you can check out the; gymnasium,  weight room , pool, dance studios, squash courts and indoor running track. Another important note to add for my fellow women, the RAC also offers women’s only hours.

At a block up from campus, you can also visit the MAC. You know, that place where you freeze during exam season? Here, the facility offers a basketball and volleyball court, a weight room, dance studio, cardio room and ice rink.

Both the RAC and MAC also offer free fitness classes during the year that you can find online here. I actually tried out the Barre Bootcamp with a friend the other week and we had a great time. Whether you’re a beginner or full on athlete, these classes are suited for everybody and are taught by great instructors. Some other classes offered include spin class, Zumba and yoga.

There are also change rooms, saunas and daytime use lockers at both facilities for you to use. So, really, what other excuse do you have not to fit some exercise into your week?