[How To] Create your own ring tones for iOS

Back in the day, ringtones were a popular way for artists to make money because they had the market to sell them; before smartphones became so prevalent with youth, it was actually quite hard to get any custom content onto feature phones.

However, with iOS (and a bit of know-how) it’s easy to get custom tones onto your phone while saving a couple bucks in the process. As usual, follow these guides at your own risk if you feel you’re ready to take the leap.

Let’s take a look now, shall we?

  1. Find an MP3 of whatever you want to make a tone out of.
  2. Download Audacity and open your MP3 inside the program
  3. Trim your file down to 30 seconds (ringtones) or 5-7 seconds (alert tones)
  4. Save the file
  5. Open iTunes
  6. Drag your MP3 into iTunes, and find it
  7. Right click on the file and click “Create AAC Version”. This creates a version of the song file we can convert into a ringtone.
  8. Find the new version in iTunes, and delete the MP3 entries
  9. Right click it and “Show in Windows Explorer” (or the equivalent on a Mac)
  10. Rename the file from an .m4a to an .m4r. You may need to enable extension viewing on Windows if you don’t see “filename.m4a”; do so by following this tutorial.
  11. Open iTunes again
  12. Drag in the .m4r file. It should show up under “Ringtones” on the left pane.
  13. Sync with your iPhone, and enjoy!

If you’d rather a video, CNET has a lovely post on it here. Enjoy, and happy texting!