How To Be Productive During Reading Week

To me there are two different types of a Reading Week. The first is where people take the first flight they can find and head down south for the week in hopes of catching some sun and relaxing. The second, which resembles my reading week, is spending the entire week doing upcoming assignments. Now if you are home for reading week and trying to figure out HOW you’re actually going to get out of bed and be productive, here are a few tips!

1) Make A Plan 
Figure out when you’re going to do what assignments, and when you plan on having them completed.

2) Find A Place That Makes You Feel Productive
As odd as this may sound, it’s true! Sometimes lying on the couch with your computer doesn’t make you feel like you want to get things done. So find somewhere that does!

3) Give Yourself Breaks
Whether it be a snack break or realizing you want to go out later that night, organize your schedule and give yourself a break. After all, it IS reading week!
coffee break

4) Turn Your Phone Off

As tempting as it is to grab your phone and start texting, sometimes you’re the most productive with absolutely no distractions. This goes for social media also — stay away from Facebook!
phone throw

5) Just Get It Done
When it comes down to it, the more you procrastinate the more the assignment is going to be in the back of your mind. So just finish it and then you’ll be all like: