How RU Celebrating Blue and Gold Day?

“Go Rams go! I celebrate Blue and Gold Day by decorating the AskmeRU InfoDesk. #blueandgold”

Welcome back to school Ryerson University!

I have a question for you.  It’s a very important question.  A super-terrific amazing question that needs an answer:  “How RU celebrating Blue and Gold Day?”

You see, this month, we want to know how you bring that incredible Rams spirit to campus.  On Wednesday January 23, 2013 @ 7:30pm our Ryerson Rams Men’s Hockey team is taking on UofT at the MAC, and we have to let our boys know they have our support.  So to pump up the spirit on campus we’re celebrating with a Blue and Gold Day, which means we need to see your Ryerson spirit!

Wear your bold blues, your garish golds, and every piece of Ryerson swag we’ve ever given you.  Then, when you’re all decked out, show us how you celebrate the mighty Blue and Gold.

Do you paint your face?  Does your office decorate?  Do you play games on Gould Street, or ride your pet ram to school?  Do you start cheers in class, hug strangers, or high-five Eggy?  Get creative!

However you choose to celebrate Blue and Gold, we want to see it!  Get your friends together on January 23 and tweet a picture of your crazy celebrations—and don’t forget to #blueandgold!  Let’s see if we can trend and show the Twitterverse how Ryerson does it.

“But Luke,” you tell me, “I don’t have any Ryerson swag.”  No worries.  Offices all over campus will be handing out Blue and Gold Day T-shirts and stickers all day long.  Besides, spirit is more than just a piece of swag—it’s a state of mind.  And we want to see yours.

Then come out to the MAC on the evening of January 23rd and cheer on the hockey team (and when I say cheer, I mean CHEER).   And we’ll show UofT how Ryerson does it.  So tell me:

How RU celebrating Blue and Gold day?