spray paint of the words "sexual assault" on the side of the Lost Words live artshow exhibit

How Do You #TakeCareRU: Activism to End Gender Based Violence

Have you done your part to take care of our Ryerson community when it comes to sexual violence? We want to hear about it! The Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education is looking for submissions from the community about how you or a peer have prevented sexual violence, supported survivors, called in your peers or any other ways you have addressed sexual violence in the community. No story or idea is too small. Whether it was intervening when a friend needed a hand at a bar (checking in, distracting or pulling them away when asked), calling in a friend when they said things that perpetrate rape culture, or supporting a friend if they have they have experience sexual violence (saying you believe them), we want to celebrate your dedication to taking care of your community as well as acknowledging ways others have intervened.  This project will be done through presenting these stories to the Ryerson Community through the #TakeCareRU campaign. These stories of intervention around sexual violence will be highlighted as a online series here on RU Student Life and Ryerson SA blog during the 16 days of Activism starting on November 25th. Because of this time constraint we ask that you submit your stories before Thursday November 17th.  You will be contacted if your story is chosen for one of the 16 days of action.

Please submit your stories to this google form.

To learn more about the Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education, to access resources, and to learn about community care, visit ryerson.ca/sexual-violence. You can also follow Consent Comes First on Facebook for updates on events and initiatives.

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