How Do You Study For Exams?

With exams beginning next week, maybe you’ve taken a look at those PowerPoint slides and thought, “I don’t remember any of this!” Or even worse, maybe you have no idea where to begin. Well fear not, because you’re not alone friends! After RU Student Life sent out a tweet asking HOW exactly you tackle finals, here are some of the responses we received:




Whether you’re winging it (c’mon guys you can find it in you to study!) cramming, or preparing in advance, you’ll need a strategy for tackling finals.

So here are three quick study tips that may help you out:

1) Don’t leave it to the last minute. So essential yes, do not cram! Start preparing your notes ahead of time so you know just how much there is that you need to re-learn. Sometimes when you leave studying to the last minute, you forget just how much was taught this semester – leaving you overwhelmed.

2) Create a study schedule. Prepping for exams takes organization. Plan out what subjects will be studied on what days in relation to the date you’re writing the exam. Schedule in yourself some breaks. Also, it’s important that you’re relaxed.

3) Stay away from social media, I REPEAT STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. This is probably the hardest thing to do, especially if you’re on the computer browsing PowerPoint slides. Yes, you may get distracted by the latest Instagram selfie, or that cool BuzzFeed article everyone’s re-posting on Facebook, but STAY AWAY! RESIST!

Good luck! Remember, once you’re done, it’s break and this will be you –



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