Hotspots to Be During TIFF 2014

The first week of September is always an exciting yet hectic time. Not only do we start a new school year, but there are tons of events going on in the city, including one of the most popular film festivals in the world, The 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, better known as TIFF.

TIFF presents hundreds of films right here in the heart of the city, including foreign films, independent films and of course, Hollywood films. This year TIFF is running from September 4th to the 14th and there are an expected 500,000 attendees, including film makers, celebrities, actors and more. The filmmakers and actors you adore are in the city, at this very moment! Want to have a chance to spot one of them or just explore the festival in general? Here are this years TIFF hotspots!


Yorkville, of course, is a spot many celebrities go. Popular department stores often host fittings, events, etc. and you are probably bound to come across someone in the luxury stores around the area. Nonetheless, you don’t need to go into one of those luxury stores, you may just bump into them at a Starbucks!


Kirk Pelletier (@kirkpelletier on Instagram) met Kristin Wigg! #RUFamous

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton hotel is located right beside Roy Thompson Hall. Many celebrities attending TIFF often stay here because of its prime location in the city. If you are a newbie to this and want to see your favourite celebrities, that would be your best bet. But keep in mind to be patient!

Roy Thompson Hall

This hall is TIFF’s main screening venue. The location is near the TIFF Bell Lightbox, also a hotspot, and right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Also, many of the premiere and red carpet events happen at this venue so you are bound to see, and very possibly meet, one of your favourite stars!

Well-known Theatres

The Princess of Wales Theatre, Elgin Theatre, and TIFF Bell Lightbox are all popular theatres where many other screenings are held and premieres as well. So keep in mind those venues as well!


Sarah Jenkins (@sarahjenkinsxo on Instagram)
snapped this shot of Robert Downey Jr. on the red carpet! 

Ryerson Theatre

Last but not least, Ryerson’s very own Ryerson theatre! I mean, just on the third day of TIFF 2014, James Franco, Ansel Elgort, Adam Sandler, and many more celebrities were there, on our own campus. Need I say more?

Will you be checking out any of these hotspots during the rest of the Toronto International Film Festival? If you’re attending an event or happen to bump into a star, send us your photos on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using #RUFamous so we can all share in your star-sighting!

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