Hibernation: Surviving the winter months

Hey all; been awhile since you last heard from me, but I’m back and ready to kick the new semester into high gear.

I don’t think rams hibernate, but I think if they could, they would: winter is a great month to just pull the blanket over yourself and just wait till the rainy warmth of spring. However, I realize that we all have to get up for class eventually, so I thought I might share some tips I’ve accrued for keeping yourself healthy and your toes a color other than blue.

For those of you living away from home, but off-campus, you’re probably going to want to make sure your apartment isn’t leaking heat; things like bad window sealing or baseboards that aren’t properly done can lead to drafts and rooms that are colder than a meat locker. There’s a number of quick (and easy) fixes for these through Canadian Tire, but if you’re starved for cash and don’t want a caulking gun around your place, just make due with some towels along the offending areas; it’s a bit shifty, but it works. Also, if you’re in a place that allows it, invest in a space heater. With the right model, you can turn the heat off and use it as a fan for the warmer months.

For residence kids, your air conditioner should have a heat setting on it (my single room did); use this as much as you can, because really, you’re paying for it.

Otherwise, anyone spending a lot of time waiting for a commute should just bundle up; hats, scarves, gloves and hoodies under your jacket does wonders for staving off the shivers, especially where the heck your streetcar is.

Stay safe, stay warm, and most importantly, enjoy these winter months: they may be hell, but the untouched snow is beautiful.