WINNERS | Halloween Costume Contest 2017

Halloween 2017 may be over, but we haven’t forgotten about the incredible costumes we saw back in October! When it came to being scary, funny, and creative – both individually and in pairs and groups – Ryerson did not disappoint this year.

Many students entered our annual #RUScared costume contest, and now the votes are in. From gift cards to Medieval Times, movies, dinners, cameras, Cineplex, and more, the best of the best will receive a selection of super cool prizes. Huge thanks to our sponsors Sir Corp, Salad King, Bed Bath & Beyond, Coca Cola, Salad King and Medieval Times!

Without further ado, the winners are…

Best Overall | Ghostbusters

Who ya gonna call? These winners.

Submitted by @sadia_khamissa “Who ya gonna call 👻”

Best Couple | Curious George

They weren’t monkeying around when it comes to good costumes!

Submitted by @katfranch via Instagram “Hey George! Stop monkeying around!! 🐒🙅‍♂️

Best Group | Riverdale

An all-star class!

Submitted by @mikaelmmelo via Instagram, “Last time on Riverdale…”

Scariest | Face Falling Apart

This is jaw-dropping.

Submitted by @thatsamaiseying via Instagram, “Sorry for the delay, my face kinda combusted today while attempting to put makeup on, hope everyone else had a Spooky Halloween!”

Funniest | Queen Bee

I woke up like this!

Submitted by @jamesvong via Instagram, “The most liked photo on Instagram 👑🐝 Happy Halloween from Queen Bee.”

DIY: Most Creative | Dunkin’ Donuts

This costume was a slam dunk.

Submitted by @nashmimi via Instagram, “@dunkindonuts for today but @timhortons has my heart 

Worst | A Student… Not From Ryerson

Not actually because you’re the worst, but because well.. it’s not Ryerson, but we still thought it was funny and want to give you something!

Submitted by Aziza Laila via Snapchat

To claim your prize, please email

Stay spooky, Ryerson. Until next year!