Halloween On a Student Budget

Remember that one time, back in high school when you’d just started working, and your parents still did your laundry and paid for all your stuff? Remember when, come Halloween, that sweet, juicy one hundred fifty dollar paycheck was devoured by the ultimate Snow White costume, complete with cape, full-bosomed red silk bustier, white fishnet thigh highs, and sparkly red pumps, in hopes that bv university you will have outgrown that sad little A-Cup?

You may not, but I sure do!

And I’m almost certain that, if you haven’t made a poor investment like this already, you’re likely seriously conflicted when Halloween merchandise hits the shelves every fall. So, let’s get real here, people. Most of us couldn’t afford to eat for two weeks if you went all out on the pricey Halloween garb, so it’s probably best to stay away altogether from the expensive costume shops.

And I’m even more certain that, due to the recent onslaught of midterms, most people haven’t even given their costumes a thought, and Halloween is only a week away!

Therefore, because I’m fond of engaging in civil service, I’m going to throw out some quick brainstorming suggestions for all you kids, male and female alike.

1. Raid your closet

Whether you’re aspiring to be Mary Poppins (see Danni Gresko’s article for some explicit costume ideas) or a hockey player, guaranteed there’s something in yours, your friends, or significant other’s closet that you can use to help achieve the look you’re going for.

2. Raid your parent’s closet

If you’re going for a more retro Johnny Bravo or Goldie Hawn kind of look, likely, there’s something lurking in the bowels of your parents’ closet with shoulder pads or some serious fringe. Whatever you find, you can cut it up, sew it, or change it to work for you.

If either of these roads fail, check out Value Village or a local thrift store. Kensington Market is a great place to go if you’re looking to pay a little bit more for your costume, but avoid commercial retail prices.

3. Check the recycling

I have witnessed a very buff young hockey player come to a Halloween party wearing nothing by a pizza box. Yes, people; it can be done. And, by doing so, you’ll be reducing your environmental footprint, just by having the human decency of covering your business.