#RUScared2014 Halloween Costume Contest

Did you know Halloween celebrated the dead walking among the living long before we followed Rick Grimes from his hospital bed up and out into the zombie-and-even-scarier-people-filled-world? True story.

Halloween, Hallowe’en, or All Hallow’s Eve is probably one of our favourite times of year because not only as kids did it mean free candy but now that it’s no longer socially acceptable to trick-or-treat with the other eight year olds, we still get to dress up and take on another personality for an evening (or three).

halloween night of spiritsOh Max, what a grave mistake you’ve made.

Whether you’re into DIY, thrifting through Value Village, big box costumes, or creating an ironic “I’m smarter than thou” costume, Halloween is your change to bring out and flaunt your creativity in countless ways! Ryerson, year after year, knows how to do Halloween, and so our Costume Contest is back!! The best part? Halloween is on a Friday this year, which means you have probably at least three days worth of dressing up to capture and share!

marnie halloweentown wierdnessBring out your inner Marnie, kids.


Submit your Halloween costume photos with a brief description to share your costume with your Ramily and be featured in our Facebook album. Submitting a description is important because it’s your chance to show why your costume is creative, or maybe explain if it’s a little more obscure than your average cat-ears get-up.


We’ll be awarding oodles of goodies to the best costumes submitted! STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS on what you could win 😉


  • Best overall

  • Best couple

  • Best group

  • Scariest

  • Funniest

  • DIY: Most Creative

  • Worst (You won’t get away with zero effort this year!)


Submit your entry via Twitter/Instagram/Email with the tag #RUScared2014. Email submissions go to rustudentlife@gmail.com and don’t forget your description and any other info you want us to know!


The deadline to submit to be considered in the contest is Tuesday, November 4th.

Too last minute this year? Check out our list of 21 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for some inspiration!

So what are you waiting for? This is Halloween!