Guide to Being Awesome

In the game of life, there are all kinds of ways that people will try and measure your success.

Grades, money, career, relationship status, fame…whatever.

It can get pretty overwhelming when it feels like someone is holding up a measuring tape beside my life.

Well ladies and gents, forget everything you think you know about what it means to be successful, because the best way to determine how you measure up………….IS BY BEING &(*#$&(*$# AWESOME.

Being awesome should be your major here at Ryerson, heck it should be your religion.

The first step in being awesome: finding something you love… then times that by one million.

By finding what you enjoy in life, being awesome will come as natural as breathing. Maybe you love travelling, or you bleed blue as a die-hard Leafs fan. Whatever your niche, it makes you feel great (maybe not so much as a Leafs fan that was a bad example.) The point is to channel the positive energy that comes from what you love, because feeling awesome is the first step towards being awesome. So go ahead Leafs Nation, wear that jersey with pride.

Step 2: Find Awesome People
For me, awesome people are the ones that have been there during difficult times. My family, close friends, my boyfriend. It’s also the people that inspire me, my fellow Student Life team, even some of my teachers here at Ryerson. All of these people have taught me how to be awesome. They all motivate me, encourage me, and make me happy. If there are people in your life that do not do these things, they are not awesome. Let them go and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

Step 3: Make Your World Awesome
This might seem like a no brainer, but I know a lot of people that are very routine and never push themselves out of their comfort zone. Being awesome, however, is about moving outside that personal bubble and spreading your awesomeness for all of the world. Ever notice that people who volunteer seem happy? That’s because they are. I’m like 99.9 per cent sure that helping people is the key to feeling great, and feeling great is awesome.

Step 4: Be You Bravely.
On my 26th birthday, my mom gave me a neon green hoodie with a dinosaur face on the front and dinosaur spikes on the hoodie.

“I didn’t know if you were too old for this,” said my mom when I opened the gift.
To which I clearly replied, “Never!”
My point is, I’m awesome and will never feel too old to wear a bright green dinosaur hoodie made for a 10-year-old. Why? Because wearing it makes me feel awesome.

So get out there and be awesome. We need more people in the world like you.