Great Finds: HackCollege Helps You De-Stress

One of my favourite websites,, put up a great guide to reducing student stress this week. I find that my stress always seems to peak a couple weeks after school begins, so perhaps this article is a pre-emptive measure into preseving my (and your!) sanity.

There’s definitely a correlation between sleep, food and state of mind when it comes to your sanity; sometimes it’s simple as taking a worry-free day off to restore your state of mind, but this article’s got some great strategies nonetheless.

“Relax Before you Sleep

Sleeping is the main thing that stress affects for me, and it just all snowballs downhill from there. If I’m tired, I’m cranky and I don’t feel like doing anything productive, which just gets me more and more stressed. I realized that I needed to figure out a way to really relax before I got in bed so that I could get to sleep more easily and not be wound up about everything.

Several things that I have tried include taking a bath or shower right before bed (being clean and warm makes me sleepy), watching a mindless, happy TV show, and reading a book. For just those few minutes, you’re taken away from the stressful situation your school work puts you in. Your mind relaxes, and so does your body, and you’re ready for bed.”

You can find the original post here, on HackCollege’s lovely website.