Great Finds: Grizzly Bear bean bag chairs

Anyone who knows me will know that I have two criteria in which I judge animals: how fat and how lazy they are. These usually combine pretty well.

I mean, manatees? Awesome. Hippos? Awesome. Sloths? Awesome. Who doesn’t love a fat cat?

But I think bears deserve a special place on this list solely because they bely a great danger with their laziness: a bear could completely destroy you if you underestimated it.

So when I came across this chair on my Tumblr feed, I couldn’t help but be a little impressed by it. I mean, it’s a bean bag chair that looks like a squooshy, sleeping Grizzly.

However, the $159 USD asking price might put a few people off; heck, I know it would for me. However, I think the shock value of having someone walk into your room and freeze is well worth the money.