Girl, You’re Breaking My Heart.

I’ve been dreading writing this.

The time we spent together was wonderful. I loved sharing those hot summer days, lying together in the sand. I didn’t mind if the heat frizzed up my hair or turned my skin a little red, I knew you’d never judge me. I won’t forget those nights we spent laughing with friends; oh how I thought they’d never end. Ah, this summer, you were my everything. But as soon as school started, I could feel us growing apart. We no longer spent our Saturdays with friends. We no longer stayed out all hours of the night. I could feel you slipping away when my alarm clock started going off at ungodly hours. I didn’t know how to tell you that I couldn’t stay out late anymore. The truth is, homework started flirting with me. Although I hated the way homework snuck up in my life, I let it happen. I did. It was just so hard. It wasn’t what I wanted either. Oh how I longed to be with you again. How I dreamed of sitting with you by the fire telling stories. I miss dressing up and going out with you. But homework started coming home with me. I feel awful just typing this. I have to admit something. And I know you it will break your heart but…homework spent the night. It just sort of happened, I didn’t intend for it to. We skipped all of our regular programs and just spent the night together. It became sort of a regular thing. That’s when I knew I had to approach you. I couldn’t do this to you forever. Gosh, you and sleep must hate me. I even told TV that I had to take a break, PVR asked me to dinner. I just don’t know what I want. I mean I know I want to be with you, I just don’t think it’s going to work. Not yet. In a few weeks though, when white flakes fall from the sky, I think – I know that we can try things again. I will be ready!

I hope you understand how much I miss you. I hate that I have to ignore your phone calls. Oh how I wish we could be together. It really isn’t you, it’s me. You did everything you could. You brought me happiness. I just couldn’t find time to do it any longer. I had to tell you the truth, we need to take a break.

Goodbye my dear social life, I’ll love you forever.

Aurevoir Mon Amour,
A Full Time Student

PS. Homework is going on a business trip all of December. Bring your toothbrush.

Feel like school’s eating you alive? I know I do & that’s what led to this traumatic break up with my social life. How badly are you waiting for winter break?  Any special plans? We want to know! Tweet us @RUStudentLife & let us know all the exciting things you have planned once exams are dead & gone.