Getting Sick at Rye; How to Deal

I’m going to come out and say this bluntly, here in the first line of the article: being sick during school is up there on the list of things that happen to you this year that just plain suck. Yes, I’m speaking directly to you, the person reading this, because it’s an inevitability; you will get sick, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I had the unfortunate time of coming down with the flu, and although the doctors refused to swab me for the dreaded H1N1 unless I was (and I quote) “visibly dying”, the fact my roommate and her classmates had had it lent credibility to my theory that I, in fact, was infused with swine.

During this period I had one thing on my mind, and that was how much I was missing during classes. My body, however, had another idea: I spent most of this past week passed out and dozing heavily, waking in a cold sweat thinking of the 60+ pages I still had to catch up on and the news quiz I would be missing if the sickness continued into next week.

The moral of this story, however, is that your teachers want to be healthy as much as you do. I found that the earlier I let my profs know about my malady, the more lenient they were willing to be when it came to my missed assignments and tests; you may be asking yourself questions like “Profs? Understanding?”, but I assure you, what I say is true.

Joking aside, the most important thing to achieve during sick breaks are, well, to get well. The longer you’re out of commission and the worse you take care of yourself while you’re out lead to longer time away from class; keep in mind that when you’re well, your sympathy runs out. You will be expected to bring yourself up to speed, and fast. Minimizing the time you’re away as a whole lends itself to less making up, period.

If you’ve yet to get sick this winter, there’s still a chance you can get away unscathed. Keeping clean and being wary of bacteria on common surfaces will minimize your chance of contracting whatever nasty virus that person on the subway decided to wipe off on their hand, or in my case, whatever their roommate brought home from their school.

Keep well, Ryerson.