Getting Cultural; A Taste of Ryerson

Coming from a family of Ukrainians who love to make sure everyone is fed, I find there’s rarely a better way to represent your culture than the food you put on the table. Food is one of those things that bring everyone together, and I believe that’s why it was included in Ryerson’s annual Multicultural Week. Taking place this week at various events around campus, Multicultural Week looked to highlight one of the benefits of Ryerson being in Toronto: its rich ethnic diversity.

The university played host to its “Taste of Ryerson” event on Monday, showcasing food from a number of different culture societies. Marta Iwanek is one of the co-presidents for the Ukrainian Student’s Club here on campus; their group took part in the Taste of Ryerson with delicious results.

“Everyone in the club pitched in and brought perogies from home and we served them for free for anyone who wanted them,” Iwanek said. “I think it is important for people to get involved with their respective culture clubs because you get to meet other people who are of the same culture. It feels like a community.”

Community; that seems like something everyone’s chasing after these days. I’m all for it, especially when it involves expanding your palate and meeting some cool people; bake on, Ryerson chefs, bake on.