Get yourself a mentor at Tri-Mentoring

As Thanksgiving inches closer, so do mid-terms.

And so does the point at which most students start freaking out. It’s also the point at which you probably wish you could turn to someone for help and advice. Luckily, there are people at Ryerson who can help.

The Tri-Mentoring program had its kick-off party this Monday and I went there to meet my mentee. We’re both in the same program. She was working on a news story for The Eyeopener and waiting on a call from a source. The signs of a first-year journalism student were there: constantly checking her blackberry, unsure if she would reach deadline, and wishing she had asked for another contact number. In-between all that, we talked about her next few weeks and the assignments she had. Most of them I’d done myself. I only hope that I passed on some words of wisdom and eased her fears.

I’ve been a mentor for two years now and only wish that I had one back in first year. As a shy commuter student, I felt removed from the Ryerson experience. I would go to class and go back home. Wash, rinse, repeat. I didn’t even write for the campus newspapers until my second year. Now, as I enter my final months at Ryerson, I see the importance of having someone to lean on those first few months.

If any of that applies to you, make sure you check out the Tri-Mentoring program or visit them in POD-54.

Did you have a good mentor/mentee experience?  Tell me your story.