Gaming with the ARRG!

Alright, I think I’m going to have to give the award for best student group acronym to the ARRG: the Association of Ryerson Role-Players and Gamers. It takes talent to come up with something that fun to say. I got involved with them through signing up for their e-mail list on Campus Groups day this year, but it took a resurgence in my new-found obsession with Dungeons & Dragons to actually go out and see what it was all about. All I can say is that I’m sorry it took me this long.

What the ARRG is at its core is a nice group of guys and gals looking to play tabletop/board/card games with each other. It’s simple, it’s awesome, and it happens weekly in the Ryerson Engineering lounge in the basement of Kerr Hall (affectionately titled “The Dungeon”). I had a chance to hang out and play some space Risk (no, not Risk: Space Edition, but another title involving strategy and alliances) this past Wednesday, and I found it quite easy to just show up and play. For those looking for something to do in the evenings and want to dive into something that they might not have otherwise, I can’t recommend ARRG enough; extremely nice people (like their “Grand Wizard”, Shane) make for extremely nice experiences, and that’s what Ryerson groups are all about, right?

Go ahead. Roll some dice, have some fun. The ARRG’s schedule can be found on their site.