Five Awful Customer Service Stories Told By Students

It is hard enough to balance academics and work but when you have to deal with tough situations at a job you need, it can really take a toll on your day. Especially, when you are working in customer service. Whether it be retail, food or answering phone calls, customer service jobs are without a doubt challenging and even more challenging when you are just a student trying to make some money.  Anyone working in customer service immediately understands the struggle. Sometimes they will have some good experiences, but most of the time, they will have the worst stories to tell.

Here are the five awful customer service stories told by Ryerson students.


“I said good morning to a man and asked how he was. He then stole our tips and ran out the store. He came back the next week smoking a joint and stole our tips AGAIN.” – Anonymous


“My time working at (a retail store) was horrible. Nobody trained me, I was blamed for everything, I was expected to do everything by myself and mans were lost the whole shift. Most people were mad snobby. Customers weren’t understanding. After my first shift I quit and told my manager I was cutting to Montreal forever. Also, I never got paid for that shift.” – Anonymous


“One time I was working in the produce department at the grocery store I work at and an older lady asked me to hand her some corn. I didn’t hear her and asked her to repeat herself. She responded with, ‘Do you speak English? Do I need to speak your f*****g language?!” I was like, ‘welp!'” – Becky


“There was a customer who wanted to purchase clothes she saw online and wished to buy them in store.  I knew exactly which pieces she was talking about but unfortunately the items sold out a week prior. I attempted to explain this to her, while simultaneously also showing her other options, which she didn’t want. I continued to attempt to explain to her that we were sold out of those specific items and that her best bet would be purchasing them online, but she wasn’t satisfied. I had to try to explain this a few times. In the middle of this another customer came up to me asking if I knew where another item was, which I did. In fact it was right around the corner. So I agreed to show her but the other more aggressive customer started yelling, ‘We were having a conversation!’ over and over again. The other customer understood the situation I was in and agreed to wait, which I greatly appreciated. The aggressive customer continued yelling and insulting me, “All you guys know what to do is clean, eh?” She also swore at me a bunch, causing me to get angry and tell her, ‘If you don’t want to shop here you can leave!” She yelled back, ‘I do want to shop here but you guys don’t know how to do your f*****g job!’ It was chaos.” – Sidra


“A few days ago a man came in and parked his bike in front of the condiment stand and it was during our rush hour so it was very busy. He went into the bathroom for fifteen minutes and when he finally came out, we asked him to move his bike. The man started yelling literal nonsense and after we asked him to leave, he picked up his bike and tried to throw it over the counter. At this point, we called security and police and when they were trying to take him out, he starting putting sugar packets in his pants” – Anonymous


This just goes to show that customer service workers deal with these types of situations on a regular basis. As fellow students and consumers, we should be reminded to have the utmost respect and patience for those in this work field. Next time you’re shopping at the mall or eating out at a restaurant, be mindful about how you treat workers. Thank you customer service workers!