First Year in 40 Minutes: RU Golden?

Are you a first year? Are you looking to find out what you should know coming into your freshman year at Ryerson?  Do you want to “Get Golden?” Well there’s good news for you! The Tri-Mentoring Program Presents First Year in 40 Minutes: RU GOLDEN edition, where you can find out if you are golden star ready for your first year at Ryerson!

If you’re ready to “get golden” for first year this is the event for you! It’s going down Wednesday July 3rd, 2013 from 11am-1pm. This is a golden affair that you won’t want to miss! Come to POD250 ready to learn about your essential student services. Also attend for your chance to meet other fellow first years, play fun games, eat good food, win prizes and your chance to be Number 1!

What are you waiting for? Be Bold and Get Gold today!

Reserve your golden ticket below: