First Week of First Year | Rebecca Williamson | #RoadToRyerson

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My room on ILLC 5!

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Various frosh concerts last week

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Downstairs to get lunch.. I’ve been too busy to travel!

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Punk Rock 101 by Bowling For Soup


Hey everyone!

These last two weeks have been so amazing, but I am beyond exhausted!

I’ll begin with move in day and frosh week. My mom and I got my room set up and decorated fairly quickly, but then came the time to say goodbye. I’ll admit that I cried quite a bit, and almost didn’t go to our first floor meeting, but as the hours passed I began to feel better and better. Everyone on my floor was so nice, and I realized that we were all in the same boat, and that it was okay to feel sad. After our meeting we went to the res BBQ, where I got to know a few of the people on my floor, IILC 5 (pic above), and have some free food, which is always nice!

A bit of my room! (I know I promised a video, but unfortunately I accidentally deleted the footage before putting it on my laptop..)
A bit of my room! (I know I promised a video, but unfortunately I accidentally deleted the footage before putting it on my laptop..)

The next few days were spent doing various activities for both general frosh and FCAD frosh, as well as orientation for ProCom. It was great to get to meet people from my program and get a sense of how the year will pan out!

ProCom Class of 2019!
ProCom Class of 2019!

I also spent quite a bit of time with people on my floor, and had a ton of fun going to the nighttime frosh events with them, like Fiesta del Fuego and the Gala!

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.14.12 AM

The first week of classes went very smoothly as well! I ended up changing my schedule on Thursday morning, but I am now in a bunch of classes that I really wanted, such as Talent Management and Business of Music! I’m so glad that I’m able to study subjects that actually interest me, and I think that all of the courses I’m in will really help me in the future.

I’m lucky enough to have both Mondays AND Fridays off, so I have a 4 day weekend every week, which is great for traveling! This weekend will be spent in Florida for the end of the 5 Seconds of Summer tour (I bought the plane ticket yesterday.. oops!), as well as doing all my readings for my classes.

These last two weeks have made me very excited for this year, and I’m incredibly excited to continue meeting people and making friends, as well as learning all about the things that interest me in my courses!

The view from my room!
The view from my room!

I hope that everyone else had a very smooth transition, and that y’all all have an amazing time at Ryerson! Feel free to message me on any social media if you’d like to talk, I’m always here if any of you need anything. I’ll admit that I get homesick quite often, and there have definitely been days that I just want to stay in and cry, but I’ve come to realize that if you surround yourself by other people going through the same thing it feels a little bit easier.


I hope you all enjoyed following my transition to university and my move to Canada! Let us know how the last few weeks have been for you using #RoadToRyerson!

Until next time,


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