Finding Motivation Through WINTER BREAK

I’m starting to think I’m my own pet dog. Writing essays & studying has become a task that needs rewarding—I literally sit with a bowl of something (from grapes to pretzels to gum balls) and give myself one as a reward for writing a paragraph, sentence or even one word!

It’s the time of year where finding motivation is impossible! Yeah yeah, I know the word impossible even reads ‘I’m possible’ but it really is difficult. So instead of wondering how you gained the freshman (sophomore, junior & senior) 15 by rewarding yourself with snacks,  I’ve compiled a big ol’ list to motivate you through exams and get you ready for:


The only thing getting me through this final crunch, is knowing that this is near:

Reuniting With Friends

One of my best friends went to England to study this semester and I’ve missed her so much. I’m literally counting down the days til she’s home and we can be our crazy weird selves again. Not only am I excited to see friends that are away at different schools, but I feel like I haven’t seen some of my best friends that live in the SAME city as me in way too long!

School really takes over our lives, eh? I’m excited to put that all away for a month and spend every day with my best friends. The ones that get my silly humour and want to watch EVERY movie; the friends that don’t mind my messy bun or makeup-less face; the ones that want to build blanket forts and fall in love with Leo Dicaprio (In Romeo & Julliet) all over again.

I’m just really excited to put my feet up, relax and create some awesome memories!

Starting a New Show

There’s like five thousand things I want to watch this break—not only new shows, but also shows that I am so beyond behind on! School has been the only thing on my mind; I literally forgot that Suits excited for a few months and have not kept up with the Kardashians at all. But this break, I will watch it all! And know what the most exciting part is? I don’t have to wait til all my work is done to watch, I can literally camp out in bed all day if I want.

What are you excited to watch this break? I need new show recommendations!

Also, very excited that The Bachelor starts while we’re on break (January 6th). It’s definetly become my guilty pleasure. I foresee a Bachelor Premiere Party!

Waking Up Early, Cause You Want to

Do you ever do this? You don’t have anything planned for the day, but you get up early just because you can? Wake up, make a nice breakfast, read a book and just have an adventure? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. Not having any plans is a really nice feeling. You can just let the day create itself. And while I’m excited to have more than a few lay ins this break, it can sometimes feel like a waste of the day. Getting up early is quite rewarding!

Where’s your favourite spot in Toronto? I’d really like to take a day this break and explore somewhere in my own city that I just haven’t had the chance to see before.

Taking Extra Shifts

I found that I was giving a lot of shifts away this semester. There was honestly too much on my plate! Now that I’ll be off for a bit, I’m going to make sure to change my availability & get more hours. It’s a nice feeling when January rolls around and you have a few extra bucks in your pocket. It’s also quite helpful around the holiday season when there’s a lot of gift buying and outings. With the free time you’ll likely be hitting up a few more restaurants and bars as well. These extra shifts will ensure you don’t go broke from having too much fun!


There’s nothing like the food that surrounds this season. I don’t know if it’s due to the tempurature decreasing, but warm meals are just so appealing in the winter. But warm desserts in the winter…they top the list! I can already smell apple pie just writing this. I’m also really excited to get those pillsbury snowman cookies. Is it just me or does the cute little snowman make the cookie taste better? Either way, I can eat the whole bunch of them.

Are there any recipes that you’re interested in making? Send them my way in the comments below, or on Twitter @evesharabi & maybe I’ll make a DIY before the end of the semester!

So if you’re sitting in front of your computer screen thinking, gosh I can’t do this anymore—just take a minute & breathe. Make yourself a cup of tea and have a little snack. Remember that you’re almost there! You’ve been a trooper & it’s all about to pay off. IT REALLY IS!

Pure bliss is heading your way…winter break is oh so close!