Finally Here! | Zach Tng | #RoadToRyerson

Hello Everyone!

Since my last update, so much has been happening! I have officially made the move to Toronto, and I could not be having a better time so far! It was difficult to say goodbye to all my high school friends and my family, but I’ve been having so much fun making new friends and meeting my new family here at Ryerson! 🙂

2For the duration of my last couple weeks in Waterloo, I stewed in my excitement, and kept myself busy doing nothing at all. I slowly gathered things that I would need for both residence and school, but didn’t pack any of it until the night before leaving. Looking back on it, that was a really bad call, because being a little more on top of that would have saved me the impending visit home to pick up everything I forgot. I tried to spend as much time as possible with my friends before we went our separate ways. (For the most part, all of them are going to different universities) I said goodbye to them a few days before leaving. We V-logged everything we did together this summer, and it was extremely bittersweet to watch all of those videos together and say goodbye!

5I moved into residence on August 30th. My family loaded up the van bright and early and hit the road to Toronto! Upon arrival, we got into a line of cars waiting to move into res. I was too excited to sit in the car, so I got out and walked ahead to scope out what was happening. I picked up my keys and one card, and familiarized myself with Pitman quad and its surroundings. After waiting for an uncomfortably long time in line (thank you to everyone handing out water bottles), I finally moved into the tenth floor of Pitman! I’m in apartment style, so I have 5 people in my room. We all have our own individual rooms, but we share a common room, kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. It’s actually a really nice setup. I met my roommates Jonathan, Morgan, and Abbey on move-in day. I guess I lucked out because they are all really cool and we get along really well! There was a bit of mystery surrounding our fifth roommate, but he arrived from Ukraine in the middle of the night, and surprised/scared us the following morning. The tall buildings and noisy streets outside my window are a sharp contrast to the trees and golf course outside my window back home, but it’s a welcomed change.

6We had our first floor meeting right after moving in, where I met everyone else living on the floor, as well as our RA Shay. Everyone was so friendly and so interesting! It’s always cool to meet people coming from different places and going into different things. There’s a lot of people on the floor in the same program as me, which is super exciting! After the floor meeting, we went to a barbeque in Kerr Quad, where I saw the only other two people who came from my high school, and I also met fellow blogger Rebecca there!

I am thrilled to finally be here in Toronto about to start at Ryerson! I haven’t gotten the chance to really explore the area yet, but I feel like that will take some time! I am more than excited for the rest of O week, and I will be trying to vlog as much as possible, so that all of you can experience it from my perspective! So stay tuned for that!

Until Next Time,

Zach Tng 🙂

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