Final Warning: Ryerson’s Official Lipdub

Ryerson, Consider this your final warning!

Do you want to be a world famous celebrity who constantly gets stopped on the street and asked “OMG! Aren’t you that person – from thing!” … well I can’t help you there.

But I can advise you on how to get YouTube famous – join us tomorrow morning at the Quad to participate in Ryerson’s first official lipdub!


lipdub |ˈlipˌdub|


  1. lip sync – audio dubbing
  2. a type of music video compiled of participants interacting with the camera while lip syncing the lyrics of a song
  3. yet another factor/product that makes Ryerson that much greater than York and the University of Toronto combined
  4. an excuse to wear a costume on campus after Halloween


If you’re still not convinced check out the song that we will be rocking to

[youtube id=’kzFBkkyldLY’ width=’300′ height=’250′ /]

(Note: I had no idea that so many songs referenced the floor in today’s music… I think we’re running out of lyrics)


And if you’re STILL not satisfied, check out the second song.

[youtube id=’v_xIVIgLtLI’ width=’300′ height=’250′ /]

Now that I KNOW you are excited and clearing your schedule for tomorrow I’m going to knock off your already wet panties with this one;

Here are some examples of past university lipdubs including


Vancouver’s UBC

[youtube id=’Dpp3quce1Vo’ width=’300′ height=’250′ /]

 and the University of Toronto

[youtube id=’2n-kpFIF5N4′ width=’300′ height=’250′ /]

But this is not all about campus rivalry (although for me it is a HUGE part! Crush UofT! CRUSH THEM!) It’s about coming out, grabbing some props, dressing up like a jackass (if you’re so inclined) and repping your respective programs and school!


RSVP on the official Facebook Event

And follow @RULipDub

If you are interested in being a last minute lipdubber contact

Don’t forget to tweet your pictures to @RUStudentLife and post some onto the official RU Student Life Facebook page so that I can include them in my next blog post… hopefully this will help someone of you with your celebrity aspirations; “Hey, aren’t you that girl from the picture on the RU Student Life blog!?”

 Your welcome 😉

[youtube id=’oSoTSWXlJwI’ width=’300′ height=’250′ /]

Do you remember Alex from my Walk A Mile In Her Shoes video?!

He’s my new favourite human.