Fight Like a Girl @ Ryerson

To me, the culture of martial arts comes with a lot of different values: RESPECT for others, DISCIPLINE of the mind, HONOUR of being a protector, PRIDE for the family. Martial arts has the ability to create strong citizenship for a better future.

About a year ago, I went back to training in martial arts, inspired by my young cousin who in her first year of high school took an interest and picked up the gloves to train in Muay Thai. I was amazed at her ambition but slightly curious as to why she embarked on this journey.

She continued to remind me that when she was younger, I used to show my sister and her a few self defence techniques that I picked up from working part-time in the line of security work at bars. She told me she would always remember this, and from then on wanted to learn how to protect herself and her family.

Well, I decided to keep her company by getting back into the discipline. I currently train at OpenMat, a mixed martial arts academy by Yonge & Wellesley – an amazing camp filled with supportive coaches who help create an environment for both intermediates returning to the game & beginners interested in trying the basics.

OpenMat MMA runs a program called Fight Like a Girl, which is a FREE self defence workshop for WOMEN ONLY. I’m a strong supporter of community development, so I was naturally excited to be a part of group who would take on a civic responsibility to run these workshops once a month for women.

I’m happy to announce that my training camp OpenmatMMA is bringing their program here to Ryerson University on a campus tour for one day on Tuesday September 17th 2013 @ 4:00 – 7:00 in the Upper Kerr Hall Gymnasium.

Check the Facebook event page. It’s a Women-Only workshop and is free for all students & staff.

Feel free to share this with any women in your life that you think would be interested.

Protecting my family was an important piece of growing up in a rougher neighbourhood, so I dedicate this blog post to my little cousin and all the women out there who train to protect themselves and their families.